How lime works

Productive farming leaves behind excess hydrogen ions in the soil solution, causing soil acidity.  This restricts root growth, limiting the crops access to water and plant growth.

The carbonate in calcium carbonate (limesand) neutralises the hydrogen ions, removing the acidity.  Root growth is no longer restricted, access to water increases along with crop growth and yield.

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Yield responses

Aglime of Australia has been at the forefront of long term research on liming acid soils for over 25 years. Our field trial program has included over 200 replicated field trials carried out under normal farming conditions in the wheatbelt.

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Soil Properties

Aglime of Australia has conducted extensive trials and research into the effect of Aglime on soil properties, including subsoil pH, nutrient availability and worms and microbes.

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DPIRD Resources

There is a wealth of information and research on the DPIRD website on soil acidity in Western Australia.

Soil Acidity: A guide for WA farmers and consultants

Soil Acidity Homepage

Lime Quality

Comparing Limes