Meet the Team

Rob Lightfoot

B. Eng. (Hons), B. Com

General Manager

Rob began his career analysing samples up and down the WA coastline helping to develop the resources that supply WA farmers today. A background in engineering provides a solid foundation to solve any problems we face in helping farmers tackle the soil acidity limitations they face.

Rob is excited about how improvements in sampling and application methods can improve yields and reduce costs by enabling farmers to target their inputs with increasing precision.

Steve Carr

B. App. Sc., B. Sc (Hons), PhD

Sales and Research Manager

Steve has been involved in agricultural research, development and extension for nearly 30 years, and has a history of applied and practical achievement.  He began his career with the Department of Agriculture researching aspects of soil acidity and plant nutrition.  During his PhD studies, Steve developed a soil test to identify subsoil Al toxicity on the naturally acidic sand plain soils in the eastern wheat belt.  Steve then worked with CLIMA in pasture and forage legume breeding and selection. During this period, he made significant contribution to the new directions in pasture improvement which lead to the release of several cultivars of clover. With a comprehensive knowledge of current farm systems and a capacity to contribute ideas and new developments, Steve strengthens the Aglime commitment to help clients maximise profits within sustainable farming systems.

Dave Gartner

Sales and Marketing Manager

15 years in lime research and extension with the Department of Agriculture has given Garts an incredible knowledge of soil acidity and agriculture throughout the Ag zones of Western Australia. His work with deep placement of lime and nutritional issues related to liming during these years enable him to provide excellent support and technical advice for both farmers and consultants. He is a keen golfer and enjoys fishing and coaching basketball.

A devoted family man who also enjoys farming and being hands on, Garts is a positive team player who adds support to the Aglime team.

Tammy Barker

B. EnvSc

Mining Compliance Manager

Tammy started her career as an enrolled nurse before undertaking a mechanical apprenticeship that saw her working in the Pilbara’s mining industry for almost decade. Her passion for farming and the environment led her to undertake a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, where she was awarded Dux of the class in 2012. Tammy then moved into the oil and gas sector where she specialized in the amelioration qualities of limesand for the treatment and management of high risk Acid Sulfate Soils. Having worked extensively in Health, Safety and Environmental focused industries; Tammy’s diverse knowledge adds experience to the Aglime team.

Harry Patel

M. Sci IT

Technology Manager

From the paddy fields in Gujarat to the intensive cane fields of Toowoomba and the huge broadacre operations in the eastern wheatbelt, Harry has seen there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Harry has a passion for creating innovative software and hardware solutions to practical problems. Harry enjoys being on the forefront of technology and works for multiple Agricultural companies in WA.