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Liming Recommendations

Aglime and SoilTech can work together to bring you a detailed liming recommendation based on the pH of your tested soils.


With over 30 years experience, more than 200 field trials and ongoing collaboration in liming technology at State and National levels, Aglime of Australia is best equipped to provide reliable and responsible advice to its WA farmer clients. Such advice is the key to Aglime of Australia’s philosophy of assisting its clients to maximise profits within sustainable farming systems.


Based on results from the soil sampling and/or soil pH testing services, a report is provided that outlines recommendations for frequency of liming on each paddock, or soil type within a paddock. With regular monitoring of the soil profile every 3 to 4 years, soil pH can be increased and maintained at optimum levels for profitable and sustainable farming. Give us a call and receive a recommendation for liming your farm.


The cost of the 10 year liming recommendation is $250 plus GST. This fee will be rebated (at $1.00 per tonne) if the customer purchases lime from Aglime of Australia.