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Map sample sites and pH across your farm

You will now be able to view topsoil and subsurface soil pH variation across each paddock, and across your farm on the sampling location map and effectively target your liming requirements (similar to the map below). There is no additional charge for this mapping as it is included in the cost of sampling.


SoilTech can also provide your soil sampling data in a format that will upload into your paddock management software (such as PAM) or guidance software.

SoilTech uses digital mapping to locate or relocate sample sites

Aerial photographs, yield maps and biomass satellite maps can be used to pinpoint sample sites. Contractors use GPS to return to the exact locations for re-sampling in subsequent years. Changes in soil pH and other properties (eg P, K etc) can be monitored over time. Decisions on liming and fertiliser inputs can only improve with the when you assess the effects of past management on current pH and nutrient levels.


NEW Soil Acidity Management Plan

Get the most out of your soil sampling this season by purchasing a Soil Acidity Management Plan. The management plan is designed to be a very practical booklet that can be used in the office and the paddock to increase the effectiveness of your liming program.

This new service maps the soil pH change that has occurred at each site since the last time of sampling
so you can evaluate how your management practices are affecting soil pH across your farm (see top map).
The plan also maps the lime requirement of each site sampled so you can strategically target liming application.
A clear plastic cover on each map allows you to draw in zone boundaries and assign lime rates to each zone while preserving the integrity of the original map underneath (see bottom map).

This premium mapping service is available to those sampling with SoilTech this season and will cost
$300 + GST.

New nutrient mapping service

Soil sampling nutrient data can also be viewed spatially on a paddock and farm scale map. This service lets you truly assess what the main limiting constraint to production is at these different scales, make more informed input decisions and increase profitability.


There is a fee for this service so please call the office on 1800 644 951 for more details.