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Since 1981 Aglime of Australia has instigated field trials and scientific studies into the effects of liming on WA soils.  Aglime of Australia's R&D program is an investment in the future profitability of farmer clients.


Results of Aglime on Yields

Wheat | Canola | Barley | Lupins | Pasture


Results of Aglime on Soil Properties

Subsoil acidity | Nutrient availability | Worms & microbes | Ca, Mg & cation ratios


Evaluation and comparison of other lime products in the WA market

Chemistry and particle sizes | Yield results from different limes | Further yield results from trials


Long Term Field Trials

Previous Aglime trials | WANTFA trials | Wongan Hills trials


Current Research Programs

Avon Catchment Council


Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia

Soil Acidity Guide | Subsurface Acidity | WA Lime Source Survey | Narembeen Soil Acidity Monitoring

Liming Focus Group Workshops | Comparing Particle Size in Lime | Liming Homepage | Soil Acidity Homepage