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Online Lime Calculator

The Online Lime Calculator calculates which lime will be the most effective in increasing soil pH from the total cost of liming (lime + freight + spreading) on your farm. Select the Aglime minesite of your choice and click another lime to compare it to. The Total ENV is the ability of a unit mass of lime to change soil pH.  This takes into account the chemical composition (NV) and particle size distribution of a lime. Note: If the values do not appear you may need to install Java or stop blocking active content.


1. Use the Lime Specifications to calculate the Total Effective NV


Product 1 : Aglime Limesand

Product 2 : Other Limes

Particle size % of product NV ENV   Particle size % of product NV ENV

0.125-0.250   0.125-0.250
0.250-0.500   0.250-0.500
0.500-1.000   0.500-1.000
above 1.000   above 1.000


To compare Aglime with another source of lime, simply enter the values from a spec sheet into the table and press Recalculate ENV. see DAFWA 2011 lime audit



2. Calculate how many t/ha are needed to increase pH an equal amount


Aglime Limesand :

 t/ha Other Lime :



3. Add freight and spreading costs to the cost of liming


Aglime Price

 $/t Other Lime Price


 $/t Freight


 $/t Spreading

Total cost per t

 $/t Total cost per t



4. The total cost to increase pH an equal amount on your farm is


Aglime Limesand :

 $/ha Other Lime :

It is True.  Aglime is the best value lime for your farm.  Try changing some values and recalculate the cost to see the value of Aglime.  


Note: Grey boxes represent calculated values, they cannot be changed manually.  Other values such as lime price, freight and spreading costs, and the % of product and NV of limes can be changed.  The ENV of a lime is calculated by multiplying the % of product by the NV and the factor of which that particle size group is effective.  Particles under 0.5mm are 100% effective, particles over 0.5mm but less than 1mm are assumed to be only 50% effective and particles over 1mm are assumed to be 25% effective.  This formula is used around the world in determining the effectiveness of agricultural limes.  The t/ha rate is calculated by comparing the two ENVs, and the total cost is the t/ha rate multiplied by lime price + freight + spreading.