WA's largest lime supplier

Located on the southern end of the sand dunes surrounding the Lancelin townsite, Aglime Lancelin is the largest supplier of limesand to WA’s growers.

Kim and his team of loader operators will ensure you are loaded with high quality limesand quickly and safely any time of year.  Take advantage of our overnight facilities including toilets and showers next time you visit the pit.

Aglime Lancelin is open Monday to Friday 6AM to 6PM and Saturdays 6AM to 12PM during the peak lime season between February and April.

Open Year Round

6-6 in Peak

Fast Loading



Product sampling and testing

Aglime’s Lancelin minesite is grid sampled every year to assess the quality of the limesand for the coming season.  These samples are tested for neutralising value and particle size distribution at our own lab in Belmont.  Further samples are taken and tested during peak season to confirm these results.

Aglime minesites also undergo annual sampling and testing through the LimeWA association each January.  Samples are taken from the faces being worked on the day, mixed together and sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.  One sample is taken by Aglime and another by a DPIRD officer on a different day as an audit sample.

Lime WA test results

Lancelin Loading Enquiries

Kim Riley
0408 092 022

Rob Riley
0429 092 023

Matt Riley
0409 102 010

Lancelin Sales Enquiries

1800 644 951

Steve Carr
0429 917 742

Dave Gartner
0429 882 029